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Post Consisting Almost Wholly Of Money-Related Rage

Post Consisting Almost Wholly Of Money-Related Rage published on

The Student Affairs Office is giving me anger issues. My gas bill last month was a little under $30. This month – that is, the month I had no heat for a week – it’s $110. I showed this to four people living in the same building, plus a teacher who used to live in Hokkaido, all of whom said in some language or other, “What!? That’s got to be a mistake!”

And these are people whose heating units weren’t broken, and thus not using gas, for a quarter of the month. These are also probably people who shower every night instead of twice a week. And I find it difficult to believe that Sleep-san, Villain-san, and Nyah-san use the heat less than I do, being from fricking Taiwan as they are.

So I went to the office to ask what was wrong with my bill. And they told me that it was perfectly normal and not a mistake. I pointed out that I had, indeed, had a broken heating unit for a big chunk of the month (because it took them a week to get around to fixing it I didn’t say that) and that maybe that might have something to do with it? I am very pleased with myself for managing to say this politely. Their response was that they would “consider” whether to give me some kind of refund, but that in the meantime I need to go pay it in full, and bring them back the receipt when I’ve done that.

And does this mean I had a fucking gas leak in my room for a week?

(I do not have enough cash to pay the bill today, and don’t feel like walking down to the post office to use the ATM, so they’re just going to have to wait to get the damn receipt.)

And I just now got an email saying I could get a full refund, without the usual cancellation fee, for the private lessons I decided to cancel, so now I feel kind of bad for all that ranting. (No, wait – I think it was actually the International Office that was responsible for that! I can still be mad at Student Affairs.)

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