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Incredibly Important News

Incredibly Important News published on

For the first time since grade school, I have no acne on my face.

Japanese diet + showering ever 3-4 days + using olive oil instead of lotion = clearly magical

(I have, however, gone back to using shampoo once a week – the baking soda was taking too long to rinse out, and the point of this whole hippy bathing exercise was to conserve water. But I can apparently only tolerate a tiny bit of shampoo without my hair and scalp getting completely dried out. I think I’m going to start using the vinegar again as insurance against that.)

In other Japan Is Good At Stuff news, my heat is still broken, but they gave me a space heater until it’s fixed. This space heater appears to date back to the Korean War-era manufacturing boom. It is smaller than a CRT monitor. But the room is so well insulated that this plus the sun coming in is enough to keep it pretty much completely warm.

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