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Magical Starsign

Magical Starsign published on

I’ve been playing Magical Starsign. I have just left The Lava Planet. I don’t know why, when bad guys get spaceships, they invariably have to rush right off to The Lava Planet. On some level, I think they must understand that, if you are bad guys on The Lava Planet, you are going to fall in some friggin’ lava. I mean, they’ve got to have figured this out by now.

But apparently there’s just this compulsion.

The game has this sort of thing where you decide at the beginning whether your main character is going to use Light Magic or Dark Magic. There is day and night in the game, and Light Magic works best during the day, and Dark Magic at night.

But now I am somehow on Nova, The Planet That Is Inside Of The Friggin’ Sun. And sometimes it’s night.

And the robot goes, “Danger! Danger! My sensors detect that there has been an exceedingly large explosion in the area!” And the fire guy or the anthropomorphic rabbit goes, “You’re kidding!”

You guys. You are inside the sun. There is always an explosion there.

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