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Update on My Awesome Speech

Update on My Awesome Speech published on

Toda, Biiru-sensei came over to me during a break and told me in English that I needed to rewrite the second part of my speech. He usually only breaks out the English when someone’s gotten sick on the floor, so clearly this was a subject of some real concern to him.

My original plan was to write a fire-and-brimstone sermon about the coming of the anti-consumerist messiah The Bear From Space (aka, Uchuu Kara Kita Kuma). I was going to exhort humanity to cast away their “foolish television programs and fine Daiso products” and reform their lives before the Bear From Space arrived to eat them. I had written some notes: “bear doesn’t like cars/tiny dogs/plastics/bentou with trademarked stuff/Centrair,” “bear eats earth/just people? (monkeys inherit?)” I had drawn a small monkey.

What I’m saying is basically that I felt I was exercising restraint.