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Kimchi Nabe

Kimchi Nabe published on 1 Comment on Kimchi Nabe

Vegetarians! Especially the one who will shortly be going to college, with Steve, and thus very soon will not have to worry about incompetent high school teaching professionals! Here is a recipe for you! It is easy to make! It is good for you! It has nutrients and thus will make you less broody about the senile-dementia-induced antics of certain unnamed Catholic priests!

The only thing that’s slightly hard to get for it is kimchi. But the new Food City or Super Wal-Mart might have that now? If not, Wild Oats will.

– Kimchi Nabe –


instant dashi (optional)
1 cup of kimchi, or 1.5 or even 2 if you are crazy

and enough of some of the following to make a large pot of soup (the bok choy, mushrooms, green onions, and tofu are in my opinion the most important):

bok choy
green onions
bean sprouts
shredded/finely sliced carrots
transparent/cellophane noodles
shrimp or canned tuna if you’re being a pescetarian

and any other vegetables/items you may have lying around, except these, which I think taste weird with kimchi:


(Though I actually think baked sweet potatoes might make an okay side dish.)

(Also, I note to Mom that the Korean version of this is often made with spam, bacon, pork belly, or all three. So it’s almost Kentuckian food. Except how there’s kimchi.)


Bring water to a boil. Put in instant dashi if you could find any. Then dump in everything else. Let cook until bok choy is all soft, or if you put carrots in, until those are all soft.

Eat with some rice or bread or something else really bland. (Not potatoes.) Bask in the awesomeness. Put in an attractive container and take to school.

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