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Quest for a Nintendo DS slot-1 villainy card

Quest for a Nintendo DS slot-1 villainy card published on

Notes to self made during study of various Nintendo DS Slot-1 Evil Options.

This is not at all interesting unless you are also shopping for one of these, and maybe not even then.

The cards I’ve found that do what I want:

Acecard RPG
CycloDS Evolution
EZFlash V
G6 DS Real
M3 DS Simply/M3 DS Real
Ninjapass X9
SuperCard DS One

The ones that I’ve actually been able to find in stock anywhere:

CycloDS Evolution
EZFlash V
M3 DS Real
SuperCard DS One


* The internet at large seems to agree that the CycloDS is the best one on the market right now. Just behind it are the R4 DS and the M3 DS Simply, which are actually the same item rebranded. The DSTT, EZFlash, and SuperCard are next, in no particular order.

* The CycloDS is also the most expensive – $60-70 most places, while the others are $40-50.

* The M3 Simply is out of stock everywhere – the manufacturer’s apparently having problems keeping up with demand. The R4 is in stock in a few places, but most are running low.

* The M3 DS Real is basically an upgraded Simply, but it’s very new and possibly still buggy – some guys here say it sometimes kills DS’s. (But even if that’s just a Some Guys On The Internet situation, I’m uncomfortable buying first-generation.)

* The Acekard RPG is the only one whose firmware is open-source. (But it’s out of stock everywhere.)

* Some Amazon sellers have the DSTT for about $40. But I think it’s also pretty new – at least, there aren’t as many reviews for it as for most of the others.

* DealExtreme ships worldwide for free, has the SuperCard in stock for $33, and will allegedly be getting the R4 and DSTT in sometime soon for about the same. But various internet people say that it can take months to get your order.

* Real Hot Stuff has the R4 for $40, the EZFlash and SuperCard for $42, and the CycloDS for $53. They might only ship to the US, though.

* Oh, wait – I totally forgot!

DSTT – ¥5980
EZFlash – ¥3980
M3 Simply – ¥7920 (Holy crap, they’ve actually got these. Just two, though.)
Ninjapass – ¥4850
R4 – ¥7920
SuperCard – ¥5780

(Apparently the Japanese word for these is “majikon” (マジコン).)

Okay, I just ordered the EZFlash from Last one in stock. Yay! Now I need to start dinner.

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