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The Haul

The Haul published on

(I will finish responding to email and comments and stuff Very Soon Now.)


– plane tickets
– Mom and thegeekgene driving to Chicago to pick me up because several of those plane tickets were for planes that were not ever actually real
– totally inappropriate email from elongated_tito informing me that I am actually having the time of my life in Chicago O’Hare (she also killed me and ate me in Facebook Oregon Trail)
– Parents’ friend’s boyfriend in Chicago buying me lunch and taking me to parents’ friend’s mom’s apartment to sleep until they got there (United wouldn’t pay for a hotel or anything), plus bonus cultural education regarding the awesomeness of Chicago (particularly the hot dogs) and Mexico (particularly the peppers and papayas)
– services of Lawyer in demanding United pay up *
– services of Aerospace Engineer in replacing my iPod battery **
– large quantities of meat
– tuition

* Dad. Though I technically had not retained him as counsel in this matter. It also might have been more impressive if Mom had done it, since we have different last names.

** Uncle Tall. The battery and toolkit were only $15, but given how much it costs to hire Uncle Tall to take your stuff apart for you, his involvement puts the gross cost of the whole operation a lot higher than my initial estimates suggested. (It took like forty-five minutes to get the thing open. The YouTube videos are terribly misleading about the capabilities of those little plastic pry-bars.)


Moomin: The Complete Comic Strip Book 1, by Tove Jansson
Manga: The Complete Guide, by Jason Thompson
Shakespeare Inside: The Bard Behind Bars, by Dr. Amy Scott-Douglass
Brown Girl in the Ring, by Nalo Hopkinson
Rica ‘tte Kanji, by Takashima Rica

tiny plastic sabre-toothed lime
– Gameboy DS
– Kiss My Face conditioner, soap
– 2 gb SD card
– 1 pair horrible bright-blue pajamas with happy moons in hats (I am wearing them) (they are definitely from Dad)
– 1 shirt
– $25 Barnes and Noble gift card
– $50 check
– other stuff I’m forgetting because it’s not immediately where I can see it and I’m half-asleep

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