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Chicago O’Hare International Airport: 1, Buddhism: 0

Chicago O’Hare International Airport: 1, Buddhism: 0 published on

The good luck charms failed.

But I’m home now, and we will not speak of this again.

Tomorrow thegeekgene gains the ability to vote and buy porn. That she has possibly already written some porn we perhaps also will not speak of.

She is watching Tin Man for the second or third time or something right now. I have threatened to kill her for this several times. It is absolutely terrible. Happy ChristmaBirthday, thegeekgene! Enjoy your terrible movie!

Dad has a horrible cold and poor social skills. We went to dinner at friend of his and Mom’s house, and he made inappropriate jokes and didn’t eat the food she’d made. He stole the stuff her daughter had made for herself and ate the store-bought cheesecake. And he won’t take his cold medicine, and lies about it when Mom and I ask if he has.

One of elongated_tito‘s presents seems to have disappeared at some point during the time of which we will not speak. Goddamn it. I got her a bunch of other stuff, and it wasn’t like it was expensive, but it still makes me angry.

I have not answered any email or comments or anything for like a week I think. I apologize for this. I am kind of dead.

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