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Tomorrow I go to the United States of America. On a PLANE. Four days before Christmas. I have like five or six good luck charms I got people as presents in the bag, though, so I should be okay.

I realized after class was over today that they never returned my brilliant story that I wrote ten minutes before it was due last week. The assignment was to write about what we thought the future would be like. Mine was called “Uchuu Kara Kita Kuma,” or, in the Common Tongue, “The Bear From Space.” Spoilers: The bear eats us. I made this really detailed diagram and everything.

Man. I want that thing back.

The writing assignment before that one was to describe an “embarrassing mistake you made.” Mine was written from the point of view of Heero Yui. If airport security were ever to get hold of this exemplary work of fanfiction, I would never be allowed to fly again, and would probably become the subject of hideous military medical experiments. “She exploded a plane full of pacifists, blew herself up, and didn’t die? While dressed really badly?!… The United States needs this capability.”

Did I mention I’m kind of nervous about this Christmas plane thing.

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