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Ninja no seikatsu wa taihen desu ne.

Ninja no seikatsu wa taihen desu ne. published on

Today, Kurogane-sensei came in, produced a ninja costume from the 100-yen-store, and ordered Great-Artist-san to put it on. After he had obeyed, and she observed approvingly, that he “looked just like a real ninja,” she put on a movie called Nin x Nin: Ninja Hattori-Kun. This movie appears to be about a simple country ninja who goes to the big city to fight crime, moving into the bedroom of a deeply unimpressed little boy because he doesn’t understand about rent. He also talks to a ninja poodle that can walk on its hind legs.

Kurogane-sensei proceeded to make extremely earnest commentary about what the movie was teaching us about the life of the ninja, occasionally asking questions:

Ninja Hattori-kun is hanging from the ceiling above the little boy’s bed while his oblivious mother scolds him for sleeping late.

“Ninja can climb walls. This is because they train very hard. Have you done that sort of training, Z-san?”

“Yes. It was hard!”

“Oh, of course. Ninja training has to be hard.”

Ninja Hattori-kun is fighting a guy in a mask in the forest while making doofy faces.

“The life of a ninja is a hard one. The ninja are constantly doing battle. This ninja is fighting a tengu. You will notice that he can run much faster than a normal person.”

Ninja Hattori-kun climbs a phone pole to avoid a presumably-malevolent delivery man, and for some reason comes back down without his clothes.

“Ninja are very good at hiding – they’re spies, so they have to be. What else are ninja good at? Do we know?”

“…They can jump really high.”

“Yes, they practice jumping a lot.”

She was completely deadpan through this whole thing. I kind of wonder if some of the teachers here get enough sleep.

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