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Get it together, America.

Get it together, America. published on

Because I am lazy, tonight’s dinner included two convenience store items – fried meat on a stick (one stick of chicken, one of pork, one of some kind of white fish), and a cream pastry thing. The meat was about $3, and the pastry $1.

You know that whole thing about how Americans eat so much junk convenience food because it’s cheaper than healthy stuff? The other tragedy there is that all that junk convenience food we’re eating is so substandard. That pastry was the kind you’d pay $5.95 for at a Starbucks, and the meat, while not great (I’m not sure which was the pork and which was the chicken), was at least a couple levels better than the sort of fried chicken you get at convenience stores in the US.

Don’t even get me started on the pudding cups. Japan pushes the limits on pudding cup technology. There’s little tiramisus. Some of the mousses have sprigs of mint.

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