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Let us see if this posts…

Let us see if this posts… published on

Anyone using Vista having problems with certain domains refusing to show up? I’ve only had this computer for a week or two, and the past few days I’ve been getting “server not found” errors for a bunch of pages pretty much all the time, and I’ve heard vaguely unpleasant things about Vista’s firewall and wonder if that might have something to do with it. It obviously isn’t actually a problem with the servers, because some of them are just people’s LiveJournal subdomains – for instance, has only been loading about half the time the past couple of days, while and some other people’s pages are working normally.

(To show how random this is, some of the other stuff that’s had issues includes Achewood, Scary Go Round, Diesel Sweeties, Vampirates, The Comics Journal homepage, and The Angry Black Woman. (This list probably gives a fairly good idea of how I spend my time…))

Of course, it could be the school’s firewall, not mine. Or just a network administrator grumpy at me because of all the downloads I’ve been making, though that only amounts to about 1.5 gigs over the past week, and I’ve been spacing them out. Is bandwidth way more restricted in Japan?

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