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Bleach 16-18

Bleach 16-18 published on

Wow, that was fast. I wonder how the mangakas get through all these fight scenes they don’t care about? I guess that’s why they have assistants. (Some of the pages were out of order in my downloads, and I didn’t notice. I’m very serious about this.)

If you read my last post on this subject, there are spoilers below. If not, there aren’t.

As far as I can tell, I was completely wrong. I say “as far as I can tell” because while I am not sure what is happening, it is definitely not what I thought was happening. I also say it because I am deeply disgruntled about the loss of my theory. I’ve clearly been unfairly stripped of my shounen clairvoyant faculties as punishment for some poorly-specified crime committed during my time in the mortal world.

I like how the series’ first serious fight between two female characters is literally about the removal of Magical Death Clothes, yet still comes off as totally disinterested in the female body. I think Mr. Kubo needed a vacation. (We haven’t seen much of Orihime’s chest for a while, either.)

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