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Bleach 1-15

Bleach 1-15 published on

Because I clearly didn’t bring enough books with me, I’ve started reading non-CLAMP-related scanlations again. I’ve just finished volume 15 of Bleach.

Apparently one of my narrative fetishes is tiny cute people doing paperwork in a crotchety, hyper-masculine way. (Who knew?) Hence, my favorite part of the arc thus far is the scene with the little shinigami boy sitting behind a desk with some tea and complaining that he is “dead tired,” while furthering a plotline I don’t really care about.

My disinterest notwithstanding, I’ve got some predictions:

Aizen is not actually dead. He is also evil. I can top this. He is also a pedophile. If he’s not a pedophile, I’ll survive and, someday, move on, but it won’t be easy. It won’t be easy, man.

If my first two premises are correct, it’s at least narratively certain that he’s not traditionally heterosexual, because his Ultimate Rival is Hitsugaya, the cute little Shinigami boy, who for some reason is abruptly the manga’s gold standard of stoical heteronormativity. Even Ichigo’s not as straight as this guy, and Ichigo’s killed like forty dudes, one or two of them himself.

But, anyway, yes. My best guess at this point is that Aizen’s going to come back wearing Rukia’s old artificial body, just because I’m still assuming there’s some reason for the obnoxious scene with the misshapen people retrieving it a few volumes back.

Also, 1:1 odds that Hinamori, being the Sad Little Girl That Everyone Loves like she is, will die, either at Aizen’s hand or under his disinterested gaze. Someone will scream, “She – she loved you! Do you even care?!” The question and response will both be deeply unnecessary.

Ishida somehow gets his powers back, or gets some kind of powers. I, personally, want him to go without them for a few volumes, standing in the background of Ichigo’s fights and getting gradually more angst-ridden, while Orihime and Ichigo fret over him – until finally, he chooses to Become The Thing He Has Always Hated, for the sake of protecting Orihime from some sort of transitory threat. That’s what I want to happen. Personally. But then I also want Orihime to end up with Tatsuki, so my preferences don’t matter.

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