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Bleach 16-18

Bleach 16-18 published on

Wow, that was fast. I wonder how the mangakas get through all these fight scenes they don’t care about? I guess that’s why they have assistants. (Some of the pages were out of order in my downloads, and I didn’t notice. I’m very serious about this.)

If you read my last post on this subject, there are spoilers below. If not, there aren’t.

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Bleach 1-15

Bleach 1-15 published on

Because I clearly didn’t bring enough books with me, I’ve started reading non-CLAMP-related scanlations again. I’ve just finished volume 15 of Bleach.

Apparently one of my narrative fetishes is tiny cute people doing paperwork in a crotchety, hyper-masculine way. (Who knew?) Hence, my favorite part of the arc thus far is the scene with the little shinigami boy sitting behind a desk with some tea and complaining that he is “dead tired,” while furthering a plotline I don’t really care about.

My disinterest notwithstanding, I’ve got some predictions:

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