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浅はかの人だから… published on 2 Comments on 浅はかの人だから…

Because I’m frivolous, I’m just going to talk about Japanese vending machines instead of all that other stuff.

I can’t get pictures off my camera right now due to my idiotic failure to bring my USB card reader, so here’s someone else’s Flickr photo:

DyDo American Coffee

This thing is particularly hilarious when you see it sitting alongside all the other canned coffees in the vending machine. Coffees with no overt foreign affiliations have sedate little pictures of beans and cups, South American coffees have misty blue-green mountains, Europe-related coffees have heavily-stylized little drawings of crowns done in an undersaturated palette, and American coffee has a blonde with a plunging neckline sitting on the hood of a driverless car that’s coming straight at you. With a flag.

What I want to know is how they failed to work a gun in there someplace. Someone really dropped the ball on that one.

Also, all the other cans are smaller than the American Coffee.

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