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Inappropriate Verbiage

Inappropriate Verbiage published on

My Supervisor: That call a minute ago, was that a life or death thing?

Me: Death, actually. Mr. M – he’s, like, on the board? – he died last night.

Me: – That thing I just said was completely not funny…

My Supervisor: Oh, you mean he was on the board!

My Supervisor: Oh, dear, that wasn’t funny either, was it.

Me: So I thought Achewood made up a word – because it does a lot, it made up some pretty convincing words about witches the other day – but then I googled it, and it turned out they did not make up a word. Want to know what the word is?

Mom: Okay.

Me: “Merkin.” It’s a pubic hair wig prostitutes wore when they had to shave to get rid of lice. It’s, like, a real actual thing that existed!

Mom: Yeah, I’ve heard of those…

Me: So there was a time period when guys were not afraid of pubic hair! They actually found it attractive enough that prostitutes bought little wigs, and I – Mom! This is an important discovery!

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