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Big News! Big News!

Big News! Big News! published on

Dad: Big news, girls, big news!

thegeekgene: What.

Dad: We were out on the boat with Woofy – no, no, this is important girls – we were out on the boat with Woofy, and she did a very bad thing. Ohhh, she did such a bad thing, girls. She jumped off the boat, on to someone else’s boat, took a rawhide that was there, and jumped back! *deeply pitiful voice* She’s a thief! I’ve raised her wrong, I’ve been a bad father!


thegeekgene: So did you make any attempt to deter Woofy from this action?

Dad: What?

thegeekgene: Did you… punish her?

Dad: *deeply pitiful voice* No! I encouraged her! I told her to look for cash next time!

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