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Yellow jackets are tools.

Yellow jackets are tools. published on

I have a longer post where I talk about caves and anime hair, but the anime hair part has gotten really long and philosophical so I’m going to just go ahead and post about the yellow jackets.

Basically, I am not going to go for walks in the park before noon anymore. I’ve never seen many stinging insects going out there in the late afternoon, but I ended up having to take two detours to avoid the yellow jackets today, and had to run once when a bunch of them came up on me all of a sudden.

There seem to be at least two different focuses of activity – one in one of those springy horsy see-saw things, which has been surrounded with yellow caution tape, and one in one of the half-buried tires, which hasn’t. These are are across a path from one another, and there’s a lot of… intercourse between them. I had to get off their path.

I guess they were bringing some kind of abandoned food from the tire to the see-saw, or else establishing a new queen in her nest, though Wikipedia says it’s early for that. Yes, I came home after my yellow jacket encounter and began researching yellow jackets.

I also learned that the Schmidt Sting Pain Index is hilarious:

2.0 – Bald-faced hornet – Rich, hearty, slightly crunchy.

2.0 – Yellowjacket – Hot and smoky, almost irreverent. Imagine WC Fields extinguishing a cigar on your tongue.

BPAL needs to turn this into an LE line. Possibly some soaps – exfoliating soaps. No, it’s brilliant! Unless I just hate people and want to hurt them.

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