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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle ch. 156-158

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle ch. 156-158 published on


This manga doesn’t have enough identity confusion issues yet! It’s Fai’s job to ramp things up, right? Ramp it up, Fai!

…In self-centered news, the main character in one of my Nebulous Epic Writing Projects – nebulous because I’ve written at least a thousand pages worth of stuff relating to it, but only really finished one 150-page-novella – is, I must now admit, Fai. My person is skinny, blond, heavily associated with wind and snow, has a thing for the colors blue and white, smiles all the time to cover a deep pain, and has a bickering relationship with an Irate-but-Paternal Warrior Guy who has no patience with self-destructive behavior.

I’m always making these kinds of vague connections between stuff I’m writing and stuff I’m reading, so when I noticed this stuff in volume one, my reaction was, “…you know, I should give my guy a long fur-lined coat.”

But now we find out that Fai doesn’t teleport not because he can’t, but because he doesn’t want to, for angst reasons – and we get into his relationship with Ashura-ou, and I go, “Wow, that’s exactly like his/her* relationship with my Enigmatic Smirking Emperor!” – and then Fai is calling himself by his dead brother’s name as rocks fall around him.

Evidently CLAMP have gotten into my computer.

* My character undergoes occasional physical genderbending due to the plot. I’m kind of relieved that Fai isn’t the class of bishounen subject to gratuitous cross-dressing or reincarnation – that might be a little too weird.

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