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I went to great effort to get caught up on my CLAMP today.

I went to great effort to get caught up on my CLAMP today. published on

Commentary typed while reading chapters 120-150 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle:

Spoiler Cut:

– – Chapters 120 – 132 – –

Oh, goodie! I love it when clones fight!

EXCITABLE BLURB: Who will be the victor???

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say “Syaoran.”

Whatever’s going on here, Kamui doesn’t like it.

Well, Subaru looks pretty pimp, anyway. Hokuto must be responsible for this!

Mokona says, “Yuuko! Fix things!

Kurogane-type characters are very hard on individual walls, while Syaoran-type characters are hard on urban infrastructure as a whole.

EXCITABLE BLURB: Will the aloof ninja help save the injured magician!

(The answer is “yes,” Excitable Blurb.)

Chapter 125 says, “And suddenly now EVERYONE IS FREAKING OUT AGAIN”

Hold it, wait, Kamui is Subaru’s twin? No Hokuto!? …Kamui and Subaru by themselves lack the requisite fashion sense to account for that outfit. I demand Hokuto.

Oh my god what kind of American thing have CLAMP been reading

YUUKO: Vampires are not unaging and undying. That’s only a legend. Nor are they weak to the sun or holy water.

OH MAN COP-OUT. And that’s not what Seishirou was saying…


Well, at least Mokona’s boyfriend’s safe.

It’s an angular-jawed-guy staring contest!

Oh, for – get that feather out of here, Fuuma! How long are we gonna keep Sakura knocked-out this time? Christ.

Oh, thank god, Sakura’s going to do something! Action verbs!


Meanwhile, at the Crown of Thorns…

Okay, so Sakura is mind-controlling the Arboks… annnd I have no idea what is going on here. I think there’s ooze

She did not scream. She mumbled. She is covered in acid.

– – Chapter 136 – –

Oh, good, they’re in the evil fetish version of Angelic Layer. It’s great when that happens.

– – Chapter 149 – –

I have no fucking idea what just happened.

– – Chapter 150 – –

And now Fai is Jesus… okay…

“Two to one” odds are not “a probability of one half,” Yuuko.

Okay, so that jar that Sakura was in at the very beginning – Yuuko had it in her shop all along? Yes? (Was Syaoran also in the jar with her, or banging on the outside? I forget.)

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