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I accept all major credit cards and categories of confectionery.

It’s just occurred to me that Dad has smuggled a party into my birthday. He invited a bunch of volunteer builders from the low-income housing group elongated_tito is working for over to the house to use the pool this afternoon. He then forgot to tell Mom, got sick, left all the car windows open during a thunderstorm, and wouldn’t drink the tea he’d wanted because it was all hot.

GANBATTE, OTOU-SAN! Go for the gold! Find a way to run over your own foot with the car! Drop your office’s digital camera in a bowl of potato salad! Accidentally eat something with onion in it!

(I assume he’d actually just forgotten that that particular Wednesday was my birthday. MATA GANBATTE, OTOU-SAN! I will require many exceptionally dangerous electronics if I am ever to recover from this crushing incident of parental neglect.)

I wonder if anyone’s remembered that the pool, like, needs to be cleaned? I have no idea if we even have that vacuum for it anymore, and it was raining and Dad was dead to the world pretty much all day today/yesterday, so I didn’t try and figure out. I should probably go to bed now so I’ll be up early enough to remind people of that in the morning.

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