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At home.

At home. published on


I graduated Sunday, went to a job interview Monday (I’ll know by Monday next week), and have spent most of the past couple of days throwing things away. Not even primarily my things – I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets. I got rid of two bags of unsettling products intended for topical use only. I’m still not done, there’s still the closet left. After that I’ll start on my parents’ bathroom.

And then, having so mentally prepared myself – I will start getting rid of books. Both mine, which will never fit in my room unless I remove my dresser (which I am seriously considering, just to avoid doing this), and the General Family Library, which is large. The local public library was unable to absorb our excess the last time we did this.

I decided a while ago to stop using BookMooch, because I didn’t trust the people running it (they never did ban the scammer I caught, the design is really bad, there wasn’t much communication or indication that the site wouldn’t be abandoned by its creator(s) at any second), and didn’t want the system going down when I had a lot of points saved up. I’m thinking of starting up again now, just because I’ve discovered that Amazon Marketplace is a really crappy way to sell the sort of books I need to get rid of, and they seem to be actually working to improve the system recently.

I’m going to start culling my BPAL and ridiculously-hard-to-transport essential oil collections, too. I wonder if it’s poor form if your first post to bpalmarketplace is ten imps, one bottle, and thirty bottles of random essential oils? I’ve seen people do it, anyway… maybe I should just eBay all the really cheap stuff in one big lot, instead.

I have been thinking very hard about joining a commune and about Pokemon.

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