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I Didn’t Get The Job

I Didn’t Get The Job published on

Went on exciting adventure to Chicago Saturday for the Amity job interview, got back today. Will probably have energy required for angst sometime late tonight, when I am supposed to be working on a paper.

Mom and thegeekgene went with me; thegeekgene toured two colleges and was the less enthralled with the one the further away. Courtesy of Mom’s leet internet discount skills, we stayed at a place called Hotel Indigo. The room was extremely pretty, with a big blown-up photograph of pretty stones (slightly pixelated) on the back wall, and nice beds and furniture and all. Mom and thegeekgene thought it was awesome. But it was also small, a weird shape, and kind of crowded with unnecessary stuff – there were probably twenty little brochures, standees, and menus sitting around, all spread out in different and inconvenient places – leaving me not completely impressed with the design.

But the lobby was scented with several different combinations of essential oils appropriate for different times of day. The pattern seemed to be sandalwood at night, patchouli during the day, and something that reminded me of BPAL’s Cathode (mint, moss, and fake ambergris) in the morning. And the patchouli, at least, was definitely moderately-good-quality stuff, though I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from to investigate. Neither Mom nor thegeekgene noticed any of this until I pointed it out.

Apparently, if a company selling luxury goods/services wants to impress me, what they’ve got to do is demonstrate a knowledge of aromatherapy and a willingness to purchase fairly good ingredients.

Also, the little bottles of shampoo/conditioner/lotion were Aveda. I will not pay for Aveda stuff, but I will surely steal it.

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