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EAST 3XX – 14:30-15:50 – THE CONFUCIAN CLASSICS published on

Professor Portentous: Now if everyone will look at passage 20 –

1: I don’t think it would be very authoritative (ren) of us to have class today.

Prof: You don’t?

1: I think it would better demonstrate our love of learning (haoxue) if we went outside and applied our concentration (zhong) to, you know, watching the pretty birds and refining our empathy (shu) for them.

2: Yeah, that would be pretty appropriate (yi), you must admit.

3: And also sweet.

1: Possibly even exemplary (junzi)!

Prof: Well, as Zhu Xi says, study for class should only account for twenty percent of your learning as a whole. Right now it’s time for that twenty percent. Now everyone turn to passage 20.

2, stage-whisper: I thought that that suggestion was very much in line with ritual propriety (li).

1, stage-whisper: So did I!

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