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Must! ‘Tis somewhat hard when Tamaki must go!

Must! ‘Tis somewhat hard when Tamaki must go! published on

O I am ill, laid low by such a foul imbalance of the humors as to make me dirty up all my new hankies in one day, and re-read books.

But then I watched the last few episodes of Ouran and my nose wasn’t stopped up anymore. It’s a miracle! A piracy miracle!

I’m still all dizzy, though. I hate being dizzy. I don’t even get to get intoxicated or go into a berserker rage first. It’s totally unfair.

For some reason being sick always makes it a little easier to concentrate in class. And also apparently makes me write in real short paragraphs.

Kyouya. Sigh. (cut for spoilers) But where did he get that money!? Was it revenue? Shouldn’t he have had to share it? I mean, presumably no one’s auditing him, but –

In a series finale involving two guys beating down an armed SWAT team while dressed as Louis XIV, a horse-drawn carriage chase scene on the freeway (also involving Louis XIV costumes), and a dramatic leap from ten stories up to tenderly clasp the falling girl’s hand in midair, I apparently find the finance subplot least plausible. I think about audits.

Did that pumpkin patch just spontaneously generate itself out of Kaoru’s mind?

Not Enough Renge. Renge should have gotten to dance with Haruhi at the end.

And I feel like “Éclair Tonnerre” is not actually a stupid enough name for a stereotyped French villain. It’s just straight out of a dictionary. Very substandard Frappanese, doesn’t scan. Quillsh Wammy and Mail Jeevas have a certain indefinable retarded glory to them, but Éclair Tonnerre is mere Mary Sue quality, and can hope only to brush its fingers on the mantle of such greater inappropriate linguistic appropriations.

I bet she’s an animagus who got kicked out of Beauxbatons for being too unconventional.

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