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The God of Geometry

The God of Geometry published on

Yukito Kishiro’s manga Aqua Knight is not completely about Alcantara the Perfect.

But maybe it should be.

(This manga was published flipped, and therefore reads left-to-right.)

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Zycrow’s essential imperfection is recurring theme in Alcantara’s life.

Alcantara has just arrived at Lighthouse Island to steal the magical sphere of light that powers said lighthouse. He succeeds, also carrying off Ashika, the feral son of the sphere’s guardian, for a “pet.”

Alcantara naturally feels that he is doing Ashika a great honor by so introducing him to civilization, and is never too busy to stop and educate Ashika and his other minions in its ways.

(I thought at first that there was something racially problematic about Zycrow, but this seen, and my having since seen the way Kishiro actually draws black people, makes me think that’s not what’s going on here.)

When Alcantara showed up, the titular Aqua Knight, Ruliya, had just agreed to take Ashika on as her squire, and he’s sure that she will come and save him. She eventually does, but for a while she’s off somewhere fighting a demon shellfish hypnotist that has nothing to do with science. Ashika begins to get discouraged.

A lot of the time there are footnotes when Alcantara talks. A lot of the time they define terms that are never actually used again.

(I also like how he can mosaic-blur stuff with the sheer power of yelling.)


Alcantara’s backstory is actually my favorite part of the manga (I kind of want a whole series set in the Kingdom of Zygote), but I think posting much of it would spoil stuff, so I’ll leave it at this one page.

If someone were to write a fic crossing this over with the Wimsey books, I would probably love them forever.

Aqua Knight ended (abruptly) after three volumes so Kishiro could start on Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, but he says he plans to go back to it eventually. Viz translated it a few years ago, and you can get the volumes used off Amazon fairly cheaply.

For dial-up people:

* Alcantara’s Perfect Entrance: 1, 2
* Alcantara Educates The Masses: 1, 2, 3
* Alcantara Does Not Threaten; He Explains: 1, 2
* Alcantara’s Perfect Plan: 1, 2, 3, 4
* Alcantara’s Sad Tale: 1

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