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First Day of Class = EXCITING LIVEJOURNAL POST published on

Computer Science – No one from my class last semester is taking this, because it usually comes after this math class, even though it’s apparently only important a couple of places. I decried Nova for his cowardice. He accused me of being a substandard second-semester senior, because I am taking a hard class I don’t technically need. I think I countered with a remark about his hair, but I was running late and so couldn’t play the Well My Implementation Of Quicksort Was Faster card for the KO.

Link’s in the class, though.

Confucian Classics – We are going to read the Confucian classics, discuss them in great detail, and keep journals about our feelings about them. This class might be completely ridiculous.

No one I know is in it; every other senior East Asian Studies major is doing senior research right now and refusing to touch a 300-level, and a bunch of the juniors are abroad or already taking another class with the same professor, who assigns obscene amounts of reading in all his classes. This, too, I call cowardice. I took two of his classes at once last year and did fine.

Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Renaissance Literature – This class is going to be completely awesome. It is quadruply cross-listed as an English\Black Studies\Queer Studies\Women’s Studies course (possibly some kind of university record, it seems), and it started out with a gratuitous explanation of the zodiac and a Brief History of the Sex Lives of English Monarchs, and That Girl I Hate actually isn’t in it, and apparently the school will be paying for a trip. And it is going to be awesome.

Fourth Class – There isn’t going to be a fourth class. I don’t need one to graduate. Ha.

Meal Plan – None. I got them to cancel it today. HA!

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