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Death Note is on Boing Boing I guess

Death Note is on Boing Boing I guess published on

I look forward to seeing Doctorow’s disappointment. He’s only read one volume, and he says “the pacing is very tight.” Hee.

Last night I dreamed that there was a beetle that sat quietly on a table while too men haggled over a strange, tiny, brass lamp – each one had a piece of the lamp, and they were going to put the two together and then sell it for a lot of money, because it was a very important, dangerous lamp. They put them together, and the beetle suddenly flew into the lamp, and something sharp touched their hands and they died.

Then it was a year later, and they found themselves alive again, and the world full of tunnels and people in masks, and somehow they remembered how this had happened, even though they had been dead. And there were the two pieces of the lamp again, and the beetle, and even though they remembered what had happened they found themselves starting over right where they had been, and they were negotiating for the lamp pieces again, staring at the beetle sitting quietly…

A few days ago I was half-asleep and banged my head on the bed frame – something I do constantly, so it’s not a big deal – and somehow it’s still really sore. I’d forgotten it had happened until I touched the side of my face last night and felt a sort of stabbing pain there. I worried I had, you know, head cancer for a couple minutes, and tried to figure out how you’d google “cancers that happen in your head but are not necessarily brain cancer,” but then remembered bumping my head. It makes me very nervous, though it is better today than it was last night.

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