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Mutter mutter

Mutter mutter published on

I resolve to mutter darkly under my breath.

We went to New York and basically I just got a bunch of manga. I had a Barnes and Noble gift card, but the Barnes and Nobleses repeatedly thwarted me – they didn’t have the new Saiyuki or Battle Angel, any of the volumes I wanted of Fruits Basket, Monster, XXXholic, or Emma, or any at all of Ouran and Scott Pilgrim. I’m very disappointed in you, New York City. Very, very disappointed. I ended up going to a Borders and I think it was actually in New Jersey and it was sad. (thegeekgene gave me the Scott Pilgrim, though, so that was okay.)

I got Mom to read some of Emma and Ouran, though neither of us is sure how much Ouran she understood. After a couple volumes, she told me that she couldn’t tell the characters apart, and I asked her who she was having trouble with – she showed me a page with a long-haired blond girl who only showed up once, and asked if that was Haruhi. I told her that she was probably beyond my help. (She did think Renge was funny, though.)

If I am ever a crazy old lady, I think I will not keep cats, because they put odors into effect that cannot be stopped by conventional weapons (soap, BPAL, screaming).

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