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Serious Research

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Quick, LiveJournal people – what’s a fairly recent manga where these high-school kids get pulled into another dimension, and one’s a girl with secret powers or something who keeps zoning out and having visions (at least at first), and one’s a dark-brooding type who I guess she’s in a love triangle with, and one’s the blond shouta-con type who’s totally not in the love triangle? This is supposed to pretty popular or something, to the point that it’s probably already licensed but they haven’t got it out yet? (I need a third in my triumvirate of blond shouta-con types with Momiji and Hunny, for part of my gosh-darn paper. I’ve got some others for back-up, but they don’t fit the pattern so perfectly.)

Edit 12/21/06 – It was Harukanaru Toki no Naka de.

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