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I kind of hate my college right now.

I kind of hate my college right now. published on

The school’s holiday-themed meals get more and more disgusting the closer we get to the end of the semester. Highlights of Christmas dinner:

– seasonally-colored glitter on the tables (1)

– “Mexican sushi” – burritos cut up

– cheese and crackers (2)

– “barbecued” meatballs (3)

– wild rice pilaf with secret ingredient (4)

– mint-chocolate-swirl bundt cake, rock-hard-stale

– pumpkin bundt cake, rock-hard-stale

– some kind of pink jellow thing with marshmallows (5)

– crepes with ice cream and fruit (6)

(1) Extrapolating from previous uses of the damn glitter, at least one person will accidentally swallow some before the night is over.

(2) Appear to be left over from some earlier event, judging by the worn-out corners on the cheese cubes.

(3) Made from the breakfast sausages.

(4) If you have something that’s been sitting around for weeks and you have to use it today, or else just throw it out – then just throw it out. (The secret ingredient was mushy red pepper.)

(5) When I left, the serving spoon was still sitting beside the bowl, pristine and untouched.

(6) This was the only edible dessert. It has been snowing all day and the wind was picking up and the ice cream was the only edible dessert.

edited a couple hours later because I left out an item of disgust and thus got the numbers mixed up

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