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BookMooch scammer?

BookMooch scammer? published on

People on BookMooch – this guy look fishy to you? He’s asked me for what I’m pretty sure is the most expensive book I’ve got up (and I remember that it wasn’t on any wishlists when I posted it), he doesn’t have his last name posted, and he seems to be trading back and forth pretty heavily with this one guy in the UK who also doesn’t give a last name.

Making up a fake foreigner and trading imaginary items seems like the best way to scam points; the Moocher only uses up two, but the Moochee wins three, so you’re getting them for free.

[after a minute]

And another thing, the book in question is a volume of the Akira manga, and there are two different sets of that – the nice big $25 ones from years ago, and the cheap Tokyopop-sized recent ones. He asked some questions about the book in his request, and I think they were meant to confirm which edition it was.

Oh. I just noticed. He supposedly sent three separate shipments to the one British guy over a one-week period. I really don’t think people ship internationally that way, IIII don’t think I want this guy to have my manga.

And pretend UK guy has never requested anything except from California guy. Translation: There is no actual UK address.

me = genius detective

(Edited to make public after a minute because I’ve decided he’s totally guilty and I don’t care who sees his account. And I hate flocking stuff.)

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