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What hospitals are like in my head.

What hospitals are like in my head. published on

It has been pointed out that my memory of the time thegeekgene fell down and cracked her head open when she was two (and I was six or seven) is at least half made-up. I have two specific memories of this incident. In the first, she trips in front of the fireplace and bangs her head on it, and there’s red stuff on her and people yelling and the like.

In the second, she is being strapped to a round table, with heavy blue bags over her arms and legs to keep her still. The light in the room is an eerie cool blue, and as I watch the table begins to spin, slowly gathering speed. She opens her mouth to scream – and two heavy blue doors slam closed in front of me, truncating the sound with a sickening clang. The hallway is quiet, and lit a bright, searing white.

Mom says that first part totally didn’t happen. thegeekgene‘s blood is, of course, yellow, and coagulates instantly upon contact with oxygen, ossifying into powder in under one-point-three seconds.

Apparently I wasn’t actually at the hospital with them, since obviously they didn’t need any extra screaming children there. When I heard someone saying later that she’d been X-rayed, and they’d had to hold her down with something like sandbags, I must have just constructed the rest in my head. I assume I took the scene from a TV show or something.

But for years, I seriously believed that this had happened. It’s probably lucky I never needed an X-ray myself until I was a teenager.

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