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At home.

At home. published on


1) Went to Barenaked Ladies concert with Mom, Dad, and . This is exactly the third concert I’ve been to in my life, if you count Sesame Street on Ice.

I will never again attend a concert without earplugs. I still hear roaring.

Mom says it wasn’t really that loud.

1a) There was a Yelling Shithead (TM) behind us. He was a middle-aged man who was balding and had chosen to grow his hair long to in some way disguise this. He screamed constantly and derided the intelligence of his companions (“‘Mediocre’ – oh, do you know what ‘mediocre’ means?”), whose responses we could not hear. (Or, actually, I’m not totally sure those poor people were actually with him.)

He yelled “Nutshelllll!” at regular intervals throughout the concert. I was pleased that they never played it.

2) Dad owns a t-shirt with the election results printed on it.

3) Okay, I’m going to have to make my family buy a new monitor. This one is going to kill their eyes. I guess it’s been kind of blurry for a while, but it was actually painful for me to read through my friends list just now. Urrrgh.

4) Joseph Beth in Lexington was having a huge manga sale. $2 a volume. I mean, the stuff that this applied to was 90% crap or random high-numbered volumes of series no one wants to buy all of – to give you an idea, I think about a fifth of the selection was comprised of volume 4 of Shaolin Sisters: Reborn and volume 18 of Samurai Deeper Kyo. But I still found eight things I wanted enough to buy, and I didn’t even realize there was a second tableful downstairs until after I’d checked out.


* The World Exists for Me 1, Chiho Saito and Be-Papas – hahaha, I’d wanted this forever
* Petshop of Horrors 1, Akino Matsuri – duplicate copy, for evangelical purposes
* Chobits 4, CLAMP – because I’m going to want to read this eventually, there is no use in fighting the CLAMP addiction anymore, o I am slain, etc.
* Suki 1, CLAMP – yeah
* RG Veda 4, CLAMP – indeed
* Dragon Head 1 – I’ve heard people say nice things about this
* The Dreaming 1, Queenie Chan – internet people keep talking about her
* Jing: King of Bandits 6 – I liked the first 3 volumes, but stopped buying it because there was other stuff I wanted to spend $10 on more. (Apparently Jing aged sometime during 4 and 5? And he’s kind of hot? (Am I a pedophile?) Darn it, now I’m wondering if I should read those first.)

(and also FMA 10 and Monster 4, not on sale)

5) Mom and are watching the Sci-Fi channel.

Mom: “It’s – what are they doing now? Why are they running through a field?”

6) This seriously is hurting my eyes, I’m going go cook something in the properly-equipped kitchen I have access to.

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