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I’ve figured out what YouTube is for.

The other day I decided that sumi-e was cool to look at, but it was even cooler that they have to do everything right the first time, without going back to touch up. Which I then decided I wanted to see. So I googled “sumi-e video”, and found this guy’s YouTube videos, which were exactly what I was looking for.

It then occurred to me that, if there were people posting videos explaining such abstruse things as “how to properly paint a bird on a maple branch using ink,” there might be instructional videos for other stuff.

Make Rollsushi – Step 1 – Maku

Moshi’s way of making sushi

How to gut a fish

(I didn’t have the sound on for any of these, so don’t blame me if Al and Moshihino are hitting on you.)

But I got grumpy and distracted when I couldn’t find a good video on how to bread something so the stuff sticks when you fry it. So, uh.

Baby Pandas


And then,

Kefka one hit kill (Final Fantasy VI)

This actually isn’t that impressive – the game lets you get away with stuff like this all over the place – but it’s always oddly cathartic.

Knights of the Round (Ultimate End) (from Final Fantasy 7)

I guess I don’t remember that part of the King Arthur legend.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain about FF6.

Mario speed run

I think this is machine-assisted, but, still.

(Also, the person who posted it clearly didn’t do it himself – real speed-runners go on forever about the strategy involved in a particular run, and who they were influenced by (speed-runners have influences) and angrily anthropomorphizing places that gave them trouble on previous runs. This kid has one sentence, and there’s no punctuation, so maybe it’s not even a sentence. But he seems to be okay with letting equally clueless people think it’s his work.)

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