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Cocoa published on

A while back I read this children’s book The Comet in Moominland, with weird-looking little creatures preparing for a comet to hit the earth. Today I was talking to Shorter-Than-Me-san in the kitchen, and she was wearing this old sweatshirt I’ve seen her in like a million times. In the middle of a sentence, I suddenly went, “Hey! You’ve got a Moomins guy on your shirt! That’s, like, Snufkin!”

And she laughed slightly nervously and said, “Yes, it’s an old shirt, it’s so weird,” which left me unsure if she understand the grand import of a Moomins guy being on her shirt. I was kind of tired. I always cause her to laugh nervously, and I think someday I’m going to give her a heart attack walking into the kitchen without making any noise.

I want to make brownies, but I’m worried I’ll fall asleep before they’re done.

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