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Oof. *Chair.*

Oof. *Chair.* published on

I made katsudon (pork bowl) today. I kind of burned the katsu part a little. Hahaha I can’t fry stuff without hurting myself ha.

I felt the urge to try this because of the book Kitchen, by Yoshimoto Banana. This is an excellent book about death, soft fluffy couches, and cooking, to whose plot a specific bowl of katsudon is extremely important.

Mine tasted fine, but still, somehow, I suspect that it wasn’t tasty enough of a pork bowl to bear that great of an emotional and symbolic weight. Though of course, I’ve only had it once, so perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps, here, today, in a dorm kitchen in Ohio, I did inadvertently create the pork bowl of the gods, the Platonic ideal of katsudon, of which all other katsudon are mere pale reflections and flickering shadows.

But I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

Murgatroyd showed us this Sock Baby thing at anime last night. I’m having trouble articulating why I think it’s so awesome. Oh, wait, no, wait, I think I can articulate it – everyone talks in funny voices. Yeah, I articulated that there pretty darn good.

It is sort of a 70’s martial-arts alien-robot parody thing, filmed on location at a house. It’s apparently by the creator of Earthworm Jim, which I’m sure is very meaningful to many smelly boys. For myself it is not, nor to Murgatroyd – when pressed for explanations, she said, exasperated, “It’s just some college students screwing around with a camera! My gosh, people!”

Anyway, if anyone with a large pile of investment capital wants to dig these guys up and pay them to make a whole movie like this, you’ve pretty much got my seal of approval, and everything.

I think I’m going to design myself a seal of approval.

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