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Nekozawa Is In Control Of The Situation

Nekozawa Is In Control Of The Situation published on

I wore a costume again today. Only to anime club this time, though. I was Nekozawa from Ouran Host Club, with the Bereznoff Jenan got me, and the cape. Because I have a cape. No one must ever doubt that I have a cape.

We watched a badly-dubbed movie containing the following elements: Jet Li; an evil transsexual Ultimate Warrior; Jet Li falling in love with an evil transsexual Ultimate Warrior; and the line “release the scorpions!” followed by some ninjas throwing a blanket full of scorpions.

This is the meaning of life.

I went to Murgatroyd’s room with her afterwards so I could get something I’d left there. She was in a white shirt and black wig and covered in fake blood, and I was still in my Nekozawa costume (though I’d put Bereznoff in my purse, so he wouldn’t catch a chill, you understand), and we were fortified by our intense darkness from the giggling of a group of malodorous fratlings walking (stumbling) a little ahead of us.

Just before we got to the dorm, something ran across the sidewalk in front of us and into the bushes. As Murgatroyd, the fratlings and I got closer, it ran back out into the middle of the sidewalk – it was a cat, though some of the fratlings flinched away thinking it was a skunk.

After surveying us for a moment, it did what must come naturally to all cats. It walked straight to Nekozawa and demanded to be petted.

We did so, looking around for someone aside from ourselves who looked like a cat owner and muttering darkly about the cold and abandoned animals – Murgatroyd discovered that the cat was declawed – and finally made the only decision we reasonably could, and picked him up to take into the dorm with us. After establishing that Murgatroyd’s roommate really didn’t like cats (Nekozawa disapproves of her) and calling security to ask if anyone had lost a cat, we played with him for a while, and finally decided that I’d take him to my room for the night – since I have a single, and could keep him in the bathroom where it’d be okay if he turned out to be an aggressive-peeing-type cat.

When I got him outside, of course, he immediately attacked me and jumped down. I followed him for a couple minutes, during which he got a couple other people to pet him, until finally he stopped giving me coy looks and headed down the hill into town. He looked purposeful enough about it that I decided he must belong to someone down there. I went back to the room with some good karma accumulated and no worries about cleaning up cat pee.

All this proving that Nekozawa’s aspect carries a power over cats that they cannot help but respond to.

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