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Monks don’t say ‘itadakimasu.’ They pray.

Monks don’t say ‘itadakimasu.’ They pray. published on

I just found a fragment of a button on the floor of my room. I do not know what it came off of, but since I will probably get upset when I find out, perhaps this is for the best.

We watched a video on zen in art this morning, you see. I’m very zen about this clothes problem.

We watched the same video last semester, in Professor Portentous’s early Asian civ class; it has monks who try to stay awake for seven days, and get hit with sticks when they doze off. When it was over, the professor asked us, “Did watching that video make you go to sleep, or get tense? When I watch the monks’ training, oh, it makes me really tense!”

I think this must be kind of a Rorschach test kind of thing – because I am a lazy person, it just made me want to take a nap. The professor, however, is very serious and always kind of nervous and jumpy, and was probably worrying about the fact that she wasn’t sure she could stay awake for seven days, and would get hit with sticks.

When Professor Portentous showed us the film, he left to do something else. Clearly he has attained satori.

(I bet Sensei would giggle.)

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