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Important Anime Club Report

Important Anime Club Report published on

* Blew off Scrapped Princess again.

* For some reason did not blow off Lodoss War. A protagonist died and we couldn’t tell because it was too badly animated, but after a while we realized the person wasn’t there anymore, and then there was some dialog about it.

Also, there were like fucking four clerics just standing there during the damn death – they didn’t do anything. See? This is why I hate all clerics.

* Yakitate Japan lied to us about science often and creatively.

* In Princess Tutu, Jenan got excited about the idea of Mytho only getting the sad feelings back, and ordered us all to prepare for next week an interpretive dance on the theme of a bad feeling. She gave herself drunkenness. I took berserker rage, as is my wont.

* Doctor Tran? What? I can’t figure out if it was funny or not. (The Voice went on YouTube.)

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