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Burning things.

Burning things. published on

It is Fire Safety Week this week, implying that the rest of the year has been the Chinese Zodiac Year of Let’s Microwave Our Keyyyyys. The RA sent out messages inviting us to a demonstration in which a fireman would use the oven and not burn himself, and then we would be granted s’mores. No one claimed their s’mores. I didn’t.

Also, people have been storing stuff in the oven.

I noticed this only after I’d been preheating it for five minutes.

Fortunately, though the frying pan in there definitely was not intended to be baked (its handle was cheap plastic), it hadn’t suffered any damage by the time I got it out. But I did not learn about fire safety this week, and the owner of the pan evidently did not learn about fire safety this week, and the RA didn’t learn about fire safety, either – when I told her about my substandard kitchen habits, she said, “Wow. I wouldn’t even have thought to check.”

Fire Safety Week has been a terrible, terrible failure. We can only hope that Not Aggravating Bees Week and Maybe Get A Pap Smear I Guess Week fare better.

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