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Food and anime

Food and anime published on

I went down to the farmer’s market this morning because I randomly woke up early and desired yukon gold potatoes, which the grocery store doesn’t have. These are good potatoes because they have very thin skin and I don’t have to peel them, and also they’re pretty and kind of sweet so that they are highly appropriate to curry. Unfortunately, whoever it was that was selling them before apparently stopped, because I could find only brown and red potatoes.

However, there was a woman selling baklava.

Baklava is a dangerous, dangerous substance. I am already planning to go down again next week and buy larger quantities.

Anime Club News:

Akachan showed up. (Though I guess she’s not an akachan anymore, seeing as she’s now in college and stuff.) I indoctrinated her to my hatred of Record of Lodoss War, though I didn’t need to try very hard – she was very excited by the pretty opening sequence, but the spirit of artsiness within her grew gradually more and more enraged as the episode wore on and she realized how badly the actual show was animated. She spent much time sputtering in annoyance.

We got the episodes out of order in both Lodoss and Princess Tutu, and it actually made a significantly bigger difference for Tutu, which is supposed to be our crack show. (After Yakitate Japan, that is.)

A horrifying gay stereotype – a chef who specializes in “sweet buns” – showed up in Yakitate. I could totally cite this in my research as an example of the difference between Yaoi Boys (good and pretty) and Gay Guys (bad and ugly), though I guess I’d need to come up with some more professional-sounding terminology for it.

Also, we learned that an afro is a natural expression of grief.

We totally failed to watch Scrapped Princess.

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