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Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts published on

Yakitate Japan – The freckles guy who’s always hallucinating is the real protagonist. The last episode will be him waking up in bed with Azuma and realizing it was all a dream.

Scrapped Princess – The incompetent wizard woman and the incompetent knight guy are there solely to be hated. Also, I bet Fred Gallagher fucking loves that random floating purple girl.

Princess Tutu – I’m going to claim to Sensei that the Infuriated Muslim Ballerina is a common anime character type, on par in popularity with the Lecherous Old Man and Exuberant MtF Transvestite.

Making tofu curry – Put the tofu in last or it’ll fall apart and make it look like an evil spore from Nausicaa exploded in your curry.

Making brownies – Just buy some cooking spray already.

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