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Awww, *so doomed!*

Awww, *so doomed!* published on

I just saw the three Wunder-Deer again. They were standing out in the parking lot in front of one of the dorms, eating something on the ground. Mama Deer and Baby Major starting moving away when they spotted me – but they didn’t stop eating, so that they were kind of dragging their heads along the ground licking at it as they stumbled – they weren’t looking where they were going, this was very stumbly movement – into the bushes.

Baby Minor didn’t move until I clapped my hands really loud at it – then it stopped eating and looked at me. After a couple seconds of that, it looked around, appeared to realize it had lost its family, and darted into the yard after them. As I opened the door to my dorm, I saw a puzzled little deer head peek back up out of the bushes.

It probably ought to be adorable, except I just know I’m gonna see one of these guys’ bloodstains on the road sometime soon. I wonder if they even know about the whole “winter” thing? Where did they come from?

Incidentally, I was coming home 3:30 AM on a weekday morning because I had been coding, and had needed access to a Linux machine.

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