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Aaaaah! published on

Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy are doooooing thinnnnngs!

I’d actually been thinking that people should be doing podcasts like this – heckling voice-over tracks for new episodes of TV shows and stuff. It completely dodges the whole copyright issue.

I want to do a fake commentary track for a slasher movie:

Director: And here you’re running away again. Like you were a minute ago… you got tired, doing all that running away or something, I guess?

Girl Who Played Final Girl: I don’t know! It was really fun!

Director: And here’s the killer again – in that spooky mask again! Damn, that mask was pretty spooky! Was it, uhhhh, was it pretty hot? Uh, in the mask?

Girl: I don’t know! It –

Director: I was talking to, uhhhh, the other guy, here –

Guy Who Played Killer: Uh? Uhhh… you fell down again.

Girl: I did?! Oh, you mean in the movie – ahahaha, I get confused, I always get –

Director: See, I liked this with all the falling down, I mean when we were filming, because it was very, uhhhh, it was very allusive, you know, to the other movie, and uhhhh, I like Hitchcock, he is sort of my mentor in a way –

Guy: You fell down again.

Girl: Ahahahaha! I don’t know!

Director: …but maybe it was too much… I put my son’s birthday on that sign, I like that. For the viewers, nice little thing… I think I might’ve… I got it wrong, though.

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