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Kamikaze Kaitou Dumbass

Kamikaze Kaitou Dumbass published on

I accidentally shoplifted today. Jenan and I went into the drug store so I could buy some arch supports for my sad feet. (Jenan’s allergy to her own eyebrows makes it impossible for her to safely mock me for this type of purchase.) We got absorbed in a very major conversation about something, and I walked out with the insoles in my hand.

After a couple minutes, I thought, “Hey, it’s kind of SuperNerd how I’m carrying these arch supports through town without a baggie -” And then I said, “Shit,” alerted Jenan to my criminal activity, and ran back to the store. It didn’t look like the guy was on to me.

There could be no dumber thing to get arrested for than Accidentally Shoplifting Orthopedic Insoles.

In related news, I think XXXholic just dumped a pretty major Cardcaptor Sakura spoiler on me. Damn you, CLAMP.

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