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Triumphant Return

Triumphant Return published on

I went to the beach. And now I am at home. Dad and I got here at 9:00 tonight; Mom, thegeekgene, and elongated_tito will be back tomorrow. (I am writing like this because I am tired, and tired people do not use contractions.)

There was a Bad Problem while we were at the beach. Everyone else left last Wednesday, leaving the house and the pets in the care of some law students. On Friday, these people just left. They did not call my parents, or arrange for someone else to feed the animals in their absence. Fortunately, the animals are all still here and alive.

There were also other crimes, which I will document here for posterity:

* They left the lights on.

* They left dirty dishes in the sink.

* They left the computer on. (The computer was also very upset, as it overheats easily. There is something the matter with the mouse, which I will say is their fault even though it may not really be.)

* They also erased the Bookmarks menu, and may have installed some sort of spyware toolbar.

* They left the toilet seat up. And urine-sprinkled.

* They seem to have lost the mail and newspapers after taking them out of the box.

And, unrelated to the house, but most evil at all,

* They were working for a group that provides legal aid to the poor – hence, I think, my parents’ willingness to trust them with the house – but left without giving the group any warning.

There is much anger.

I also direct anger at the student group that was supposed to be finding me a place to stay in New Orleans next week, as I have still not heard back from them, and they are not answering email or phone calls – though they also did not cash my check, so I guess I ought to assume they just never got my application. (But I am still on their email mailing list! I am not sure how that happened. Maybe I signed up for it at that meeting I attended before applying? I cannot remember giving them my address then! Maybe I did?)

And I direct anger at myself, because apparently I did not submit my timesheet when I left campus last week, which probably confused my supervisors, to whom I had said I was not coming back for three weeks. Fortunately, I saw the email yelling at me for this at 11:00 PM, an hour before the final final final deadline, and submitted it.

At the beach, I read a lot of books, bought a few books, watched some of Princess Tutu on the laptop, and worked (some) on translating 11-nin iru! (some) – I was mostly only transcribing dialogue onto the laptop to make it easier to work with later, when I have access to better dictionaries. It is probably somehow funny that the manga I brought with me to use for practice starts out with so much techno-babble. I did not see the humor at the time, but now I have internet access again, and perhaps I may again someday feel that sensation of which I have heard, in another world, and which I think was termed “joy.”

I also bought some essential oil called “Illusion Angel.”

I think we have all wondered what an Illusion Angel might smell like. We need wonder no more.

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