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Scary Monks = an okay band name

Scary Monks = an okay band name published on

Oh, my god.

I might have driven Shitty Art Teacher away. She’s gone. She was tenured and her picture was on advertisements and she’s gone.

One semester after I sent in my horrible, nasty, mean, signed evaluation. A year after The Voice, who did the same thing, returned to haunt her.

Oh, my god.

The world probably doesn’t revolve around me, or even the anime club, but… seriously. I get the idea that people have only started getting really nasty about her the past couple years, and I know she’s really thin-skinned. Did I help break her?

I was just going, “I HAVE THE POWER” at first, but now I’m trying to figure out if I should feel guilty. I mean… tenure. She didn’t have to quit, she could have just stopped sucking, or something…

And now, the happy post, written pre-the-first-stirrings-of-a-guilty-conscience:

Shorter-Than-Me-san is back from Japan! She was gone a whole year! But she says her Japanese powers are still not great enough to help me translate this manga. She is a jerk.

She is also already back at work, meaning we’ve got five people working at the circ desk, meaning that they’re going to come up with some new things for us to clean. Maybe we should invent the New Reading Room (I made a Sheri Tepper reference because I’m a jerk), and whenever we want to take a nap we can say, “I’m going to go dust the New Reading Room,” and then just go hide somewhere.

It is very difficult to get Shorter-Than-Me-san to roll her eyes at you, but I accomplished it. I did this by reading a book called Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain in her view – she read the title first, and made the, “Oh, yeah, that sounds like something you’d be reading” face, then saw the author’s name. The author is Jin Yong, a guy who I understand is In Charge of wuxia books, which are those stories with the guys who know absurd martial arts techniques and are on quests for scrolls that will teach them even more absurd martial arts techniques.

From her reaction, I gather that she finds this genre somewhat embarrassing to its consumers.

She said that he was “very popular,” then complained that she didn’t know what Americans thought when they watched “these movies with Chinese guys with swords flying through the air like that.”

I said some sort of fuzzily literary-analysis type thing comparing it to Western fantasy and sci-fi, which seemed to soothe her slightly, though I think she was still afraid to talk to me the rest of the day for fear that my poor taste might be contagious. She also disapproved when I told her my senior research was transvestites in manga, so clearly I have more to worry about on that score.

But anyway, it occurred to me that the martial arts films with the flying people might not be so bad, if you consider all the otherwise supposedly-reality-rooted American movies that think that, if you can get your car going fast enough, it will be able to fly across broad chasms. Flying people are much prettier than flying SUV’s.

Edited to put a cut in, ’cause it was long.

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