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I drew a bunch of pictures of Sechs this weekend.

I drew a bunch of pictures of Sechs this weekend. published on

Sechs is my favorite transsexual clone android sociopath who’s not that smart ever.


I was trying to figure out the difference between the shape of Alita’s head and the shape of Sechs’s, basically, but Alita came out wonky, so I’m putting the rest of the page behind the cut.


The lower middle Sechs and Nova were just copied straight from a manga page I was looking at, so they look really flat – I’m a shitty forger. The others weren’t, but the Alitas look totally wrong, and the front-view Sechs is wonky. I was extremely pleased with the 3/4-view Sechs, though, so I decided to try and draw a bigger picture like that,


Thus proving that anything pretty I draw is a fluke, I guess.

Things that are wrong with this picture:

1) Sechs’s limbs are all intact for once, yet she’s not jumping up in the air going like “Hahhhh!”

2) Sechs is holding that gun in an extremely wrong way. Because I know nothing about guns.

3) Sechs is extremely overqualified for flying-thing-shooting duty. The Netmen and Hunter-Warriors take care of all that, as can be determined from analysis of the circumstances of the killing of Hugo’s brother in volume two and Kaos’s pet bird in volume eight.

4) The buckles.

I have macaroni. Any of you guys want some? It has white cheddar. The cashier fumbled it dramatically, held it close to his eyes to examine suspiciously, and said, “White cheddar macaroni and cheese? That is amazing.” He remained entirely earnest and deadpan about this the entire time he was checking me out – no smiling. Naturally, I agreed with him. I think this is the same dude who last week was talking about how he really likes hot peppers, and how Scotch bonnets are just about hot enough.

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